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Hints for Candy Crush Saga

The most beloved mobile puzzle game in the world! Dive into this colorful world full of candies and challenges, where each level offers a new sensation and brings you one step closer to total candy victory.

Hint 1: Combine Special Candies for Powerful Effects

For example, try combining striped candies with wrapped candies for an explosive effect. Level 50 is a good time to practice these combinations.

Hint 2: Focus on Removing Blockers to Create More Space

In level 30, you'll notice that removing jelly blockers is crucial to creating enough space for big combos.

Hint 3: Use Boosters at Strategic Moments for Extra Help

Level 65 introduces the lollipop hammer, a handy booster to remove tricky candies and assist you in achieving your goals.

Hint 4: Think Ahead and Plan Your Moves to Efficiently Reach Your Goals

At level 100, planning your moves becomes even more crucial. Look ahead to possible combos and devise strategies to reach your goals.

Hint 5: Stay Calm and Take Your Time to Master Difficult Levels

Level 150 can be quite challenging, but remain calm and keep trying. Finding the right strategy is key to success.

Hint 6: Ask Friends for Lives and Share Tips and Tricks for More Success

In level 200, you may need help from friends. Ask for lives and share your experiences to progress together in the game.

Hint 7: Use Color Bombs Wisely

Color bombs are powerful boosters. Try combining them with candies of the same color for a grand effect. This can be especially useful in levels where you need to clear a lot of blockers, like level 80.

Hint 8: Pay Attention to Special Objectives

Some levels have special objectives, such as collecting ingredients or breaking ice blocks. Make sure to adapt your strategy to these objectives to efficiently complete them.

Hint 9: Be Conservative with Boosters

Boosters can be very helpful, but they are limited. Use them only when absolutely necessary, such as in levels with few moves or difficult situations. Think of level 130, for instance.

Hint 10: Try Out New Strategies

If you're stuck on a level, try out different strategies. Sometimes, a different approach can be surprisingly effective. This is especially true in the later levels of the game, like level 350.

Hint 11: Stay Updated on Special Events

Candy Crush Saga regularly hosts special events and challenges. Participate in these events to earn rewards and gain new experiences.

Hint 12: Take Breaks Occasionally

Sometimes the game can be frustrating. Take breaks occasionally to clear your mind and come back refreshed. This can help you tackle difficult levels better.

Hint 13: Combine Special Candies Thoughtfully

Experiment with combining different special candies for maximum impact. For example, combine a striped candy with a wrapped candy to trigger large chain reactions.

Hint 14: Learn the Power of Striped Candies

Striped candies can be matched horizontally or vertically to clear rows or columns of candies. Use them strategically to break blockers and achieve objectives.

Hint 15: Don't Forget About Time

Some levels have time limits, so be quick! Focus on making swift moves and avoid prolonged considerations to complete the level on time.

Hint 16: Stay Up-to-Date with Updates

Regularly update the app to access new levels, features, and improvements. New updates often bring new challenges and rewards.

Hint 17: Follow Candy Crush Saga on Social Media

Stay informed about the latest news, special events, and tips by following Candy Crush Saga on social media. Here, you can also connect with other players and exchange tips.

Hint 18: Use Hints Sparingly

If you're truly stuck on a level, use the hints feature for a suggestion. But be cautious, as relying too much on hints can hinder your strategic thinking.

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