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Main Characters of Candy Crush Saga

In Candy Crush Saga, several characters play important roles in the adventurous game. Here are some of the key main characters:

  • Tiffi: Tiffi is a recognizable character, a fun blonde girl with pigtails. She is a main character and appears in various ways throughout the game.
  • Mr. Toffee: Mr. Toffee provides players with advice and power-up tips when they are stuck on a level. He plays a supportive role throughout the game.
  • Yeti: Yeti is a friendly character who enjoys sleeping in the clouds. He works in the shop where players can purchase various gifts to help them on their adventure.
  • Odus: Odus is an adorable owl who assists players during the game. He brought Tiffi to Dreamworld when she needed a break from helping people in the game.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Yeti: Yeti also has a partner named Mrs. Yeti. Together, they assist players in the shop. They are known for their kindness and helpfulness.
  • Misty: Misty is another character who supports players. She is an expert in making special candies and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.
  • Red Rabbit: Red Rabbit is a charming character known for his speed and agility. He appears in special events and challenges to assist players in achieving their goals.
  • Jean-Luc Picard: Yes, you read that right! In a special crossover event, Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek appears in Candy Crush Saga to encourage players and help them overcome challenging levels.
Main Characters of Candy Crush Saga

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