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Candy Crush Saga, released by KING in April 2012, is a game that was initially available only on Facebook and later became playable on smartphones and tablets as well. The goal is to achieve as many levels as possible by swapping candies of the same color and making combinations of three, four, or five in a row. Boosters can help you defeat levels by adding special effects.

The game features various boards with unique goals, such as scoring points, removing jelly, bringing down ingredients, achieving scores within a time limit, and fulfilling orders. But watch out for blockers, like licorice swirls and chocolate, which make the game increasingly challenging.

In addition to regular levels, Candy Crush Saga also offers a Sugar Crush bonus after completing a level, where leftover moves are used to create special candies for extra points.

Explore also the sequel games such as Soda Saga, Jelly Saga, and Friends Saga for new challenges and boosters.

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