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Candy Crush Level 70

Some Candy Crush levels are very difficult. It′s not much fun when you get frustrated playing Candy Crush. After all, you play the game to relax or distract yourself. Candy Crush level 70 is an example of a difficult and frustrating level.

Tips for Candy Crush Level 70

At first glance, Candy Crush level 70 looks familiar. However, there are some annoying deviations in this level. Before you know it, this level turns into a disaster. This applies to both beginner and advanced players.

In this level, you need to clear all the jelly. Additionally, you need to score at least 60,000 points. The deviation we just mentioned is the chocolate pieces on the right side of the board. After each turn where you don′t destroy a piece of chocolate, the chocolate will expand. The chocolate essentially devours a candy and turns it into a new piece of chocolate. This is what makes this level so difficult, because before you know it, the entire right side is covered in chocolate, and you have no way out.

So, you′ll need to strategize to clear the chocolate as cleverly as possible. It′s important to leave the candies locked in cages for now. As long as the candies are locked, the chocolate cannot expand. You can always clear these candies later once you′ve removed the chocolate from the board.

It′s recommended to start on the left side of the board for this level. Make as many horizontally striped candies as possible. Additionally, if you have the opportunity, combine 5 candies to create a Color Bomb Booster. The horizontally striped candies are ideal for this level. They can help you clear the chocolate and jelly on the right side.

Again: do not start by clearing the candies in the cages, because if you do, you′ll typically never pass this level!

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