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Defeating Level 140

Tips and strategies to beat Candy Crush Level 140.

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Candy Crush Level 140

Candy Crush Level 140 is a challenge where you have to fulfill a number of orders. At first glance, this level may not seem too difficult. However, even experienced Candy Crush players often struggle to complete this level. Underestimation is something to be cautious of during this level.

Tips for Candy Crush Level 140

In this level, you have to fulfill a number of orders: 99 yellow candies, 99 orange candies, and 99 red candies. Additionally, you need to achieve at least 30,000 points. With 45 moves at your disposal, it might seem like enough, but before you know it, your moves are used up. When starting this level, you′ll undoubtedly notice that there are plenty of ways to earn points without dealing with blockers like chocolate or jelly.

The task seems simple enough: collect 99 red, yellow, and orange candies in 45 moves. To successfully complete this level, you need to strategically think about how to clear the candies as effectively as possible from the start of the level. Starting without a plan increases the likelihood of getting stuck.

Start at the bottom of the board to clear candies and decide whether to start on the left or right side. It′s less effective to play on both sides simultaneously. If you see an opportunity for a good combination on the other side of the board, don′t miss it.

Always try to combine as many Color Bombs and Striped candies as possible. Many players tend to immediately combine the Color Bomb or Striped candy with a regular candy. Don′t do this! Combining two Boosters will clear many more candies than combining Boosters with regular candies. The explosion will generate many new candies on the board. With a bit of luck, many candies will automatically combine with each other. This increases your chances of completing the level′s objective.

Another important tip is not to work color by color. You simply don′t have enough moves for this. Try to make many large combinations to create a domino effect. This way, you′ll complete the level much faster.

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