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Learn how to bring down an ingredient in 20 moves.

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Candy Crush Level 158

In Candy Crush level 158, your objective is to bring down 1 ingredient. You have a total of 20 moves to achieve this. Additionally, you need to score 10,000 points.

Tips for Candy Crush Level 158

Candy Crush level 158 involves bringing down 1 ingredient and achieving a minimum score of 10,000 points. You might think it′s not very difficult. However, many players struggle with this level.

It′s important to focus on bringing down the ingredient. Ultimately, the ingredient should end up at the bottom of the right side of the board. For many players, candies surrounded by blockers and chocolate pose a significant challenge. Moreover, you only have 20 moves to complete this level. In other difficult Candy Crush levels, you usually have more moves available. Therefore, use your moves carefully and avoid making blind moves.

During this level, aim to clear vertical lines beneath the ingredient. This way, you′ll quickly bring down the ingredient to the bottom of the board. Also, make sure not to let the chocolate multiply too much and clear the blockers as quickly as possible.

The best way to complete this level is to get the ingredient to the right side of the board as quickly as possible before the chocolate spreads extensively. Then, aim to combine a striped candy with a wrapped candy at the bottom of the left side of the board. This will quickly bring the ingredient to the bottom of the right side of the board.

It would be even better if you could combine a Color Bomb with a striped candy. Making this combination can be quite challenging since you only have 20 moves. Occasionally, you also need a bit of luck with how the candies are positioned and fall. Therefore, it′s certainly not impossible to achieve this combination.

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