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Candy Crush Level 165

Candy Crush Level 165 is an orders level. During this level, you need to collect 49 yellow, 89 blue, and 24 green candies. Additionally, you must score at least 50,000 points. You have a total of 60 moves for this task.

Candy Crush Level 165 is a challenging level. This is due to several factors. For instance, you are dealing with all 6 colors of candies, which may make you feel like you′ll never collect enough blue candies. Additionally, you have to contend with the chocolate spawners. These chocolate spawners can obstruct the passage of candies on the left and right sides of the playing field. If things go wrong, they can also ruin your plans at the bottom of the playing field. Finally, you have to deal with the bombs that drop every 5 moves. The bombs will explode after 9 moves. So, it′s quite a challenging task to clear the bombs in time, especially considering the shape of the playing field and the fact that you′re dealing with candies of all colors.

Tips for Candy Crush Level 165

  • The timing of when a bomb drops is predictable. After every fifth move, a bomb will enter the playing field. Therefore, try not to make combinations at the sides during the fifth move. Otherwise, the bomb will enter the game at the side, making it much harder to clear. Always try to destroy a bomb as quickly as possible.
  • Besides the bombs, chocolate can also be very annoying during Candy Crush Level 165. Try to make as many vertical combinations as possible, as this increases the chance of creating a cascade.
  • Collecting 89 blue candies is very difficult because you have 6 colors and a fairly small playing field. Therefore, it′s wise to create as many special candies as possible. Especially wrapped candies and Color Bombs are very useful in this level.
  • To speed up the collection of blue candies, it′s advisable to create special candies with the blue colors.

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