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Effective strategies to combine five striped candies.

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Candy Crush Level 421 Tips

In Candy Crush Level 421, you need to combine 5 striped candies and score at least 10,000 points. This level is challenging due to the small spaces and the presence of the toffee tornado.

Strategy 1

  • Try to bring striped candies from top to bottom, but be careful with the cake bombs.
  • Make sure to create at least one combination before detonating the cake bombs.
  • Plan your moves carefully to avoid ruining setups.
  • Be wary of the cakes, which can be both beneficial and detrimental.
  • Require luck and skills to make the combinations.

Strategy 2

  • Restart the level until you have a good chance to combine striped candies.
  • First, clear the cake bombs before focusing on creating striped candies.
  • Focus on creating striped candies in the middle of the board and consider making Color Bombs.
  • Avoid making wrapped candies to avoid ruining your game.

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