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Learn how to collect the hazelnuts, cherries, and points in this challenging level with many blockers and obstacles.

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Candy Crush Level 500 Tips

Candy Crush Level 500 involves bringing down 4 hazelnuts, 4 cherries, and achieving at least 80,000 points within 60 moves. With a complex design and an abundance of blockers, this is a very difficult level.

Almost all blockers are present except the toffee tornado. Pay special attention to the bombs that explode after 9 moves and the rapid spread of chocolate that complicates reaching the bottom blockers.

Tips for Candy Crush Level 500

  • Match candies next to blockers: Make combinations next to the blockers to clear the different layers. Create striped and wrapped candies and combine them when possible.
  • Use the Coconut Wheel wisely: Unlock and activate the Coconut Wheel in a vertical direction to create horizontally striped candies that can remove the cake bombs.
  • Focus on vertical striped candies: Make vertical striped candies that align with the ingredients to bring them to the bottom layers of the board.
  • Watch out for the bombs: Prevent bombs from landing among the cake bombs or at the bottom of the board.

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