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7 Tips for Solving Level 44 in Candy Crush Saga

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Level 44 of Candy Crush Saga can be quite challenging, but with the right strategies and techniques, you can beat it! Here are 7 tips to help you solve this tricky level:

  1. Focus on clearing the jelly: The main goal of level 44 is to clear all the jelly. So, focus on making combinations that will clear the jelly.
  2. Make special candies: Special candies like striped candies and wrapped candies can be very helpful. Try to make them by creating large combinations or by aligning four or more candies in a row.
  3. Use Boosters wisely: If you get stuck, don′t hesitate to use Boosters. They can help you remove difficult obstacles or collect specific candies.
  4. Study the level: Take some time to study the level before you begin. Look for any traps or special elements that could help or hinder you.
  5. Stay patient: Sometimes it may take a while to get the right combinations. Stay calm and keep trying!
  6. Focus on mission goals: If there are specific mission goals besides clearing jelly, focus on completing those goals first before tackling the rest of the level.
  7. Stay positive: It′s normal to get stuck occasionally, but don′t give up! Stay positive and keep trying, and eventually, you′ll beat level 44.

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